Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today I feel like this!

There are days in my life, today being one of them, that I
feel the way this blanket looks. Colorful and beautiful but
tangled. I have the good and bad habit of self introspection.
I do it ALL THE TIME! Today I am wondering just who I
am? Am I who I want to be? There are so many different
voices in the world telling us who we should be. Am I letting
those voices drown out my own? Sometimes I feel that I
get caught up in the suburban life of stay at home moms.
I love my life and have so much fun but at times I feel that
I'm not being true to the most important things that I love
in life. The things that not only entertain and make me
happy but the things that mold and shape who I am. For
instance, why don't I hit the art museums more? I LOVE
the tranquility that their stillness brings. I'm finding that I
am a bit reactive in life and what's going on around me and
less proactive. I am. I feel a deep potential within me. A
fuller me. I think I need some bubblebath time (this is
the only place I can stop my mind long enough to meditate).
First I'll start with a me list. A real me list of the things I love.

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