Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today I feel like this!

There are days in my life, today being one of them, that I
feel the way this blanket looks. Colorful and beautiful but
tangled. I have the good and bad habit of self introspection.
I do it ALL THE TIME! Today I am wondering just who I
am? Am I who I want to be? There are so many different
voices in the world telling us who we should be. Am I letting
those voices drown out my own? Sometimes I feel that I
get caught up in the suburban life of stay at home moms.
I love my life and have so much fun but at times I feel that
I'm not being true to the most important things that I love
in life. The things that not only entertain and make me
happy but the things that mold and shape who I am. For
instance, why don't I hit the art museums more? I LOVE
the tranquility that their stillness brings. I'm finding that I
am a bit reactive in life and what's going on around me and
less proactive. I am. I feel a deep potential within me. A
fuller me. I think I need some bubblebath time (this is
the only place I can stop my mind long enough to meditate).
First I'll start with a me list. A real me list of the things I love.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


For my photography practice this week,
I took a trip to the RB Winery. It was my first time
there and it did not disappoint. It wasn't the biggest
and best, but small and quaint and old and perfect.
This is a very small sampling of my finds. I can't
wait to go back with a subject!!